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Car Shoppers Crave the Amazon Experience

Today’s car shoppers want an automotive retail experience that mirrors the convenience and transparency of shopping on Amazon. That’s the message author and automotive management expert Max Zanan explained in his latest article featured on Ward’s Auto, a message that the auto industry has been slow to adopt...


Consumers Demand Compliance and Transparency from Auto Dealers

The internet has changed the way consumers shop across all industries. In the past, businesses could rely on being better informed than their customers, and could assume that shoppers often didn’t have much choice in where to buy. Today, with limitless product information available online and the convenience of online shopping available 24/7, businesses must cater to an informed and empowered consumer...


Interview with Max Zanan of Perfect Dealership

Max Zanan is an automotive management professional with more than 20 years of experience working in the auto retail industry. Max is the author of a new book Perfect Dealership, a guide for dealership managers and owners to running a more profitable auto business. Today, Max sat down with marketing consultant Alex Swerdlow to talk more about the book and his vision for the automotive industry...